About Us

We trace our roots to the 1930's and the R.E. Walther Company based in Buffalo, NY. Our founder Fran Guppenberger joined R.E. Walther after working for E.I. Dupont at their Wilmington, DE and Louisville, KY facilities after graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

With Ray Walther'a retirement at the end of 1965 F.J. Guppenberger, Inc was born on January 1st 1966. We're proud to have represented two of our Principals; Graham Corporation and Mersen (formerly Carbone of America) from the R.E. Walther era through present.

We also have 30 plus year relationships with Koch-Glitsch (Koch-Otto York), Johnstone Company, RAMCO and S.G Frantz.

Our greatest source of pride has been our continued relationship with our hundreds of customers throughout the years. We look forward to embracing current and future technologies to not only maintain but improve the level of service we provide.


"Thank you all for making this happen. This is a very demanding project and things are expected to get done at the drop of a hat. We try our best to accommodate them. Your efforts are greatly appreciated." - Bill M. - Albany, NY

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